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Balance and/or Reaction Time

We can help increase balance whether we are dealing with a professional athlete or the elderly. Professional athletes are usually looking to improve that extra 3-5% which helps put them ahead of the competition! We use some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment available, such as Dynavision D2 and Balance Tracking Systems. With the elderly, we've had patients who were looking to walk without use of a cane or walker again, or be able to return to driving. By stabilizing them and improving reaction time, this is often possible.

Sports & Athletic Performance

Many athletes train hard to be the best in their field. Our goal is to help identify and improve areas that can take you to the next level. We combine diagnostics and treatment methods from physiotherapy, neurology, orthopedic rehabilitation, chiropractic, and neuro-opthamology to ensure that the treatment we prescribe is not only customized, but also extremely comprehensive. Combining these different treatment methods via functional neurology is the winning combo. Whether you’re a junior varsity player all the way up to an Olympic athlete, athletes love going from the 95th percentile to the 99th percentile in their sport.

Shoulder pain or dysfunction

Many people and athletes use their shoulder incorrectly or overuse it. This causes imbalances in the muscles that control shoulder movement and stability. By identifying which muscles are causing the problem and rebuilding from the “ground up”, we can correct many injuries from many cases, whether you’ve tried other types of treatments or not. By combining treatment methods such as physiotherapy, neurology, orthopedic rehabilitation and chiropractic, we can ensure that the treatment we prescribe is not only customized, but also extremely comprehensive and effective. Combining these different treatment methods via functional neurology is what sets our shoulder treatments apart from any of these modalities alone.

Back/Neck Pain

Much like with shoulder pain, the combination of treatments we offer is what sets our back/neck treatment apart from traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture or massage alone. Dr. Adam Harcourt is certified in FNOR (Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation) which provides an extremely effective result that happens quicker and lasts longer than traditional methods alone.

Have a question about another condition? Call our office at 805-962-1988 and request a phone call with Dr. Adam Harcourt to see if we can help with your health concern.

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Review From Our Satisfied Patient

  • "A great practice. Caring, helpful, knowledgeable and when I'm there, I feel like I'm the only one that matters. I highly recommend going in for a consultation with anything that might be bothering you. You'll be glad you did!*"
    - Julie M. / Santa Barbara, CA

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